Welcome to Airluma

It's finally here. AIRLUMA IS LIVE! I am so glad you are here and reading this. I know what a privilege it is to have your attention when there are so many places you could be spending your time. 

I started this company out of my love of creating a more thoughtful home. I grew up in a household where my Grandpa made every piece of furniture out of scraps he brought home from the saw mill, a Grandma who loved to provide food on the table from her own garden, and a home full of plants that were gifted from family, friends and even passed down generations. My Grandpa was known to parade people throughout our home and tell these stories. His handcrafts brought so much joy to our home and community. 

This is why Airluma exists – we're not just a plant shop. Our vision is to be the destination for all those things that make your home reflect your values and help you show up in the world as who you are. We're a place that honors the makers and growers that have dedicated relentless hours to their craft. Each purchase from us celebrates them living in their purpose and keeps small business owners thriving.

Thank you for joining us. We are just getting started! 


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