We offer services in the San Francisco Bay Area

Leave it up to us to choose the right plants for your space and on your budget. We design, source, deliver and maintain indoor plants for commercial and residential properties.


There are many benefits to having indoor plants as a part of your commercial or residential space. But without considerations such as lighting and temperature, it could mean that the beauty and benefits are short-lived. Let us evaluate the best plants for your environment and schedule so that you can enjoy plants for years to come.

Staging & Rentals

Enhance the beauty of your workplace, your listing, or your event with thriving indoor plants without the commitment.

Decide between daily, weekly, monthly or yearly rentals. As part of our package, we provide maintenance to make sure the plants continue to thrive and you can rent modern planters too!


Routine maintenance is required to keep plants thriving. Watering, cleaning, rotating, pruning, checking for pests, fertilizing and repotting will make sure your plants are thriving. Choose between weekly or bi-weekly rates and we will take on this work for you! Best part? We will replace plants for free if they are not up to your standards.

Consultation Request

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