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Satin Pothos
Lauren Di Giovanni
Such a beautiful plant!

I got this plant for my office and I’ve gotten so many compliments on it! It’s absolutely beautiful!

Maidenhair Fern
Annelie Schoop
Love this plant

My maidenhair fern arrived in excellent condition. I potted it up and have been misting it every day. I've tried growing them in the past without much luck, so I'm hoping I do better with this one. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Autumn Fern
Laurie Queen

Autumn Fern

Silver Splash Pothos
Peggy Iacono

Love my silver splash pothos! It arrived is perfect condition and is super healthy. A great vendor and I highly recommend!

Money Tree
Brandi Mendez

Love it, beautiful plant!!!!

Money Tree
Anne Gerrard
Just Perfect!

My tree arrived in perfect condition. I am very happy with my purchase and highly recommend Airluma!

Happy Plant

The plant arrived in a timely manner in very good condition. It is now bonding with my other plants and appears happy.

Eleva Porcelain Planter - Stone
Beautiful Planter

It is a beautiful Planter and it was shipped on-time.

Large Glossy White Stacked Planter
Ann Krause
The planter I've been looking for!

I bought this planter after searching for a couple of months for a white ceramic planter of this size to upgrade my ZZ plant to. This one fit the bill because it is great quality, arrived without any flaws in the piece, and shipping was much faster than expected. I've seen a few other retailer selling what appears to be the same item for $40 more.

Pothos Neon
Steen Jensen
Love plant

Very nice plant. Healthy, no pests seen yet, shipped well.

Small Cylinder Planter with Rosewood Plinth - Black
Sady Sayago

Beautiful flowers


The box arrived incredibly banged up, but thankfully there was no harm to the plant itself. My Stromanthe Triostar is gorgeous!! I didn't expect to receive such a full plant. The colors are super vibrant! Very happy with my purchase!

ZZ Plant
Adam Arents

My ZZ plant arrived on schedule and looks lovely in its new home. The leaves are healthy and I love the asymmetric, curved shape.

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Silver Splash Pothos
Karen Oderkirk

Packaged very well, healthy looking plant, I love it

Beautifully packaged!

My heartleaf philodendron was so well packaged and had no brown leaves or signs of distress upon arrival! I've ordered lots of plants online, and Airluma did an amazing job of packing this plant for shipping! They even included some fun extras with my order too!

Quality and Class

Terrific addition to our home. Airluma you have a great eye for design.

Monstera Swiss Cheese Vine
Angelica Banuelos

Recently I ordered a Monstera Swiss Cheese Vine at airluma, and I have a very good experience with this business, I make a mistake with my daughter's address, she did receive the plant, I contact airluma and explained the problem and they send an other plant to my dau, they are very professional business, and care about costumers, my and my daughter are very happy with airluma.

Snake Plant Black Gold
Sylena Thompson

Very pleased with my plant.

Peperomia Watermelon
Sabrina Orozco
Great Packaging

My Peperomia came in great condition. Some if the leaves fell off, but the rest of it was okay. The packaging was very secure. would definitely recommend supporting this business.

Tillandsia Air Plant Ionantha 10 Pack
Nitasha Mehta

Tillandsia Air Plant Ionantha 10 Pack

Bromeliad Rose
Charlene Newton

My plants came perfectly wrapped and in perfect condition! I definitely will be purchasing again.

Hoya Rope Plant
Justin Cain

Love it came in healthy and looking beautiful

Red Anthurium
Charlene Newton
Beautiful and packed perfectly

My plants came as promised and were absolutely stunning

Alocasia Black Velvet - 4" Pot
Beautiful plant!

Best plant I have ever received from an online company. A GREAT specimen. No pests, no damage, just amazing condition. Packaging was top notch to protect the plant too. Communication about shipping was superb. I will absolutely order from AIRLUMA again.

Medium Glossy White Stacked Planter
Kathy Arents
Great look!

I gave this planter to a client as a closing gift and they LOVE it! Mom & 12-year-old daughter had lots of fun surfing around Airluma's site to find the perfect plant for it! This not-too-shiny piece will fit in any room.