Aloe Vera succulent in a 4 inch nursery pot

Aloe Vera

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Maintenance Care Easy to care for
Light Requirement Icon Bright indirect light
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Drought tolerant—Water deeply but infrequently
Notification Icon Can be used to treat minor burns, scrapes and rashes
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The Aloe Vera is a stemless succulent with thick and fleshy leaves that are lined with small teeth, making it a great low maintenance indoor plant. It is known to be antimicrobial and can be used to treat skin, but should never be ingested.

Aloe can bloom yellow tubular flowers in the summertime and are so easy, that they do not ever need to be fertilized! Make sure your soil is made for cacti and succulents, that you planter has good drainage and ideally, it's placed in a west or south-facing window and it will be very happy. Can be outdoors in warmer months.

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