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Dracaena Janet Craig

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Maintenance Care Easy to care forGreat for beginners! 
Light Requirement Icon Low to bright indirect light
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Water less frequently, every 2-3 weeks
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Do not like fluoride —use filtered, rain or distilled water
Air Purifying Icon Air purifying
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The Dracaena deremensis, also known as the Janet Craig, is an easy-care, houseplant with shiny dark-green leaves that can grow up to 15 feet tall. They have been popular because they thrive in most conditions, including spaces with lower lighting. As it matures, it will have multiple canes in one planter, which can be propagated.

If you propagate or repot a Dracaena, make sure there isn't perlite in the soil as it can create fluoride build up. Allow your tap water to sit out for 24 hours to reduce fluoride or use filtered, rain or distilled water. Keep away from kiddos and pets.

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