Philodendron Monstera Split-Leaf plant in a 4 inch nursery pot
Philodendron Monstera Split-Leaf plant in a 6 inch nursery pot

Monstera deliciosa

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Maintenance Care Easy to care forGreat for beginners! 
Light Requirement Icon Medium to bright indirect light
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Water every 1-2 weeks, when soil is dry 
Air Purifying Icon
Air purifying
Notification Icon Easy to  propagate and loves a climbing pole
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The Monstera deliciosa, also known as the Swiss Cheese, Split Leaf or Holes plant, is a hardy, tropical plant that is easy to care for. This plant has glossy, heart shaped leaves which can develop ridges and holes on it’s more mature leaves when placed in ideal conditions.

This is a vining plant, so it loves to climb a stick, moss pole or a trellis. You can also propagate it easily by clipping above the node. Keep away from kiddos and pets. 

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